It's Summer time! Join us for an activity packed summer at Westside Montessori International. 


July 24th - 28th

Around the world children have one thing in common: they love to play games & engage in different sports. Discover & enjoy different sports & skills from around the world. (NOTE: games will be played both indoors & outdoors)


July 31st - August 4th

This music camp will have lots of sing-alongs, movement, art, games & even crafts that tell about music. Children singing, dancing, playing instruments is a fun way to learn & grow friendships. 


August 7th - 11th

Children will have the opportunity to build their teamwork & cooperation skills while enjoying a week of building & creating with all sorts of blocks, recycled & natural materials as well as real tools like a hammer & hand drill. 


August 14th - 18th & August 21st - 25th

Kids love to get messy! We will use clay, paint, recycled materials & more simply sloppy supplies to become masters at making a mess & have lots of fun while doing it!


June 19th - 23rd & June 26th - 30th

Children with their absorbent minds will learn some fun & entertaining ways to learn Spanish through songs, games, arts & crafts, & other interactive ways. 


July 10th - 14th*

It's never too early to introduce children to the wonders of the kitchen. Cooking, baking, stirring, scooping, measuring, slicing, pouring & planting beans are some of the real life skills that will be put to the test. 

*Ages 4 & Up will be attending Vacation Bible School. Friends will experience God's Word in surprising & unforgettable ways!


July 17th - 21st

We will be exploring the outdoors & bringing the outdoors in. Children will have the opportunity to go on a teacher-led nature walk, practice outdoor safety as well as learn about the plants & animals around them. Children will collect natural materials to craft a special art project & learn some fun new "camp" games & songs.