WMI is founded on a belief which coincide greatly in understanding how important the first 6 years of life could change, form and determine ones personality, character and contribution to society. Investing and creating a strong foundation is consistent with the Montessori pedagogy as the founder, Dr Maria Montessori herself states: 

The human personality is essentially one during the successive stages of its development. Yet, whatever human being we consider, and at whatever age, whether children in the primary school, adolescents, youths or adults, all start by being children, all then grow from childhood to manhood or womanhood without changing the unity of their persons. If the human personality is one at all stages of its development we must conceive of a principle of education which has regard to all stages.
— Maria Montessori, The Formation of Man

Infants : 6 weeks to 18 months

We offer a carefully- prepared environment where the child can develop naturally at his or her own pace. We use an on-demand schedule to cater to each child's specific needs. They are fed when they are hungry and they are put to bed when they are tired. Our focus at this age is to develop the five senses through sensory play and to develop gross motor skills.


Wobblers /Toddlers : 18 months to 3 years old 

In this classroom, we assist the child towards independence, social awareness and respect. There is also continued focus on gross motor skills development as well as language skills. The goal is to provide an environment that is nurturing and secure while at the same time challenging to meet the development demands of the child at this age.

Primary : 3 to 6 years old

The child chooses their work and work in specific work areas. At this age, the child is exposed to Practical Life, Sensorial, Mathematics and Language Arts. Through cultural activities, the child learns about geography, history and life sciences. Music and Arts are also part of the integrated curriculum. The goal is develop decision-making, self-discipline and a sense of responsibility to other members of the class and the community.